I hope that the information posted here will help you learn more about my campaign, more about my record of service, and my leadership on issues important to the residents of Wilmington.

For the past 12 years, I has proudly served the residents of Wilmington’s 4th district. 
I have  been a champion for working families, the poor and disenfranchised, small businesses, public safety, community revitalization, and equitable high-quality education.  I am running for City Council President because I am confident that my innovative leadership, diverse experience, and commitment to Moving Wilmington Forward -- as a vibrant city where all Wilmingtonians thrive -- make me the only Choice to lead City Council.

Let's join together and build the movement that will protect the Wilmington we love. A Wilmington that continues to be affordable for working families. A Wilmington that ties economic growth to prosperity for everyone. A Wilmington that uses its law enforcement resources wisely and with respect for all people. Join this campaign and be part of our movement to restore a Wilmington that is Stronger Together.

As you can see from this page, there are many opportunities for you to stay informed, get involved and contribute to my campaign -- in ways that will make a difference.
I invite you to contact me with questions or recommendations about the website,
my campaign or about issues that are important to you.

Council Member Shabazz Stresses the Urgency of Putting Solutions in Place to Curb Violent Crime Following Today’s Issuance of an Urban Crime and Prevention Report by the Centers for Disease Control.